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Who's up for the Cup - Week 2

Check out the squad lists and coverage details for night two of the Westfield FFA Cup Round of 32.

The magic of the Westfield FFA Cup continues tomorrow night (Tuesday 5 August 2014) with the next four Round of 32 matches to be played at venues in Hobart, Newcastle, Adelaide and western Sydney.

Hyundai A-League clubs will enter the fray for the first time, with the Newcastle Jets hosting Perth Glory at Magic Park in Broadmeadow while Wellington Phoenix make the trip to the City of Churches to take on Adelaide United at Marden Sports Complex.

The other two matches feature current Tasmanian Victory League leaders South Hobart hosting 2013 Capital Football Federation Cup champions Tuggeranong United from the ACT, and Parramatta FC at home to Socceroo defender Ivan Franjic’s junior club, St Albans Saints at Melita Stadium.

Fox Sports’ coverage of the Westfield FFA Cup will return at the start of the Round of 16.

There will be a LIVE stream of the match between South Hobart and Tuggeranong United from KGV Park in Glenorchy. Visit to link to the LIVE stream.

Meanwhile, the match between the Newcastle Jets and Perth Glory will be broadcast on 1233 ABC Newcastle, online at or on the 1233 ABC Radio App.

After last Tuesday’s stunning opening night of the competition which saw four Member Federation clubs progress through to the last 16 including Victorian third tier side South Springvale, tomorrow promises to provide more enthralling theatre with two Hyundai A-League clubs to be eliminated. Kick-Off for all matches is at 7.30pm local time.

Westfield FFA Cup – Week 2 Fixtures

Tuesday, 5 August 2014 Parramatta FC v St Albans Saints Melita Stadium, Sefton (NSW) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Chris Young

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #PARvSASTickets will be available to purchase at the venue

Parramatta FC squad: 1.Luke TURNBULL (GK), 2.Andre SCHRODER, 3.Lord DARKOH, 4.Robert TRIBBA, 5.Patrick GATT, 6.Daniel GULLO, 7.Frank MARTEY, 8.Mathew CLOWES, 9.Wand JAJAW, 10.Daniel REZO, 11.Suad AMETI, 12.Jess CASEY, 13.Josuha GERSBACH, 14.Joshua JUNG, 15.Blake BROOKER, 16.Joshua SYMONS, 17.Domenic TRIMBOLI, 18.George STROGYLOS, 20.Justin BIEGA (GK), 23.Shayne ARDLE, 32.Peter KARDASIS, 33.Jayden TAUNTON, 36.Damien SMITH

St Albans Saints squad: 1.Stuart WEBSTER (GK), 2.Ryan MCGUFFIE, 3.Georgi NICESKI, 4.Barry DEVLIN, 5.Felix ROSMAN, 8.Ross HARVEY, 9.Sean MCILROY, 10.Brodie PATERSON, 12.Chol NYOK, 13.Nick CULLEN, 14.Chris ROSS, 15.Konrad DOBRASZKIEWICZ, 16.Ajak PANEK, 17.Adam NAKIC, 18.Tedros YABIO, 21.Tonio BARESIC (GK)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014 South Hobart v Tuggeranong United KGV Park, Glenorchy (Tas) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Patrick Chaplin

Coverage details: Visit for a LIVE stream of the match

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #SHvTUG Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

South Hobart squad: 1.Mark MONCUR (GK), 2.Liam SCOTT, 3.Caleb LUDLOW, 4.Scott LAMONT, 5.Hugh LUDFORD, 6.Christopher HUNT, 7.Nicholas MORTON, 8.Joseph STEVENS, 9.Brayden MANN, 10.Andy BRENNAN, 11.Benjamin HAMLETT, 12.Harrison THOMAS, 13.Hugh UNDY, 14.Matthew LEWIS, 15.Darcy HALL, 16.Connor KASS, 17.Chris DOWNES, 21.Nicholas BECKER (GK)

Tuggeranong United squad: 1.Mitchell MCKENZIE (GK), 2.Cameron DOHERTY, 3.Jon REIS, 4.Jon TOOLE, 5.Chris RUIZ, 6.Sean KIDDEY, 7.Matt MENSER, 8.Tim STEWART, 9.Michael GURNEY, 10.Muad ZED, 11.Ethan MUNSTER, 13.Sean MURPHY, 14.Daniel COLBERTALDO, 15.Harry PETTIT, 16.Jordan GLOVER, 17.Tom RUIZ, 18.Zachary MUNSTER, 20.Rohan SHEPHERD (GK)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014 Newcastle Jets v Perth Glory Magic Park, Broadmeadow (NSW) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Kris Griffiths-Jones

Radio Broadcast: 1233 ABC Newcastle, online at or on the 1233 ABC Radio App

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #NEWvPER Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

Newcastle Jets squad: 2.Scott NEVILLE, 3.Taylor REGAN, 4.Kew JALIENS, 5.Ben KANTAROVSKI, 6.Adrian MADASCHI, 7.Jeronimo NEUMANN, 9.Joel GRIFFITHS, 10.Marcos FLORES, 11.Craig GOODWIN, 12.Sam GALLAGHER, 14.Josh BARESI, 15.Andrew HOOLE, 16.Jacob PEPPER, 17.James VIRGILI, 18.Mitchell OXBORROW, 19.Mitch COOPER, 20.Ben KENNEDY (GK), 21.Sam GALLAWAY, 23.David CARNEY, 24.Brandon LUNDY, 30.John SOLARI (GK)

Perth Glory squad: 1.Danny VUKOVIC (GK), 2.Jack CLISBY, 3.Brandon O’NEILL, 5.Rostyn GRIFFITHS, 6.Dino DJULBIC, 9.Andy KEOGH, 10.Nobojsa MARINKOVIC, 11.Richard GARCIA, 13.Diogo FERREIRA, 14.Chris HAROLD, 15.Jamie MACLAREN, 16.Sidnei SCIOLA MORAES, 17.Mitch NICHOLS, 18.Jack DUNCAN (GK), 19.Josh RISDON, 20.Danny DE SILVA, 21.Scott JAMIESON, 22.Cameron EDWARDS, 24.Matthew DAVIES, 25.Riley WOODCOCK, 26.Harry O’BRIEN

Tuesday, 5 August 2014 Adelaide United v Wellington Phoenix Marden Sports Complex, Marden (SA) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (8:00pm AEST) Referee: Shaun Evans

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #ADLvWEL Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

Adelaide United squad: 2.Michael MARRONE, 3.Nigel BOOGAARD, 4.Dylan McGOWAN, 5.Osama MALIK, 6.CASSIO, 8.ISAIAS, 9.Sergio CIRIO, 11.Bruce DJITE, 12.Mark OCHIENG, 13.Dylan SMITH, 14.Cameron WATSON, 15.Ben WARLAND, 17.Awer MABIL, 18.Jimmy JEGGO, 20.Paul IZZO (GK), 21.Tarek ELRICH, 22.Fabio FERREIRA, 23.Jordan ELSEY, 24.Bruce KAMAU, 30.John HALL (GK), 32.Nathan KONSTANDOPOULOS

Wellington Phoenix squad: 1.Glen MOSS (GK), 3.Reece CAIRA, 5.Michael BOXALL, 6.Josh BRINDELL-SOUTH, 7.Kenny CUNNINGHAM, 8.Alejandro RODRIGUEZ GORRIN, 9.Nathan BURNS, 11.Jeremy BROCKIE, 12.Tyler BOYD, 14.Alex RUFER, 15.Jason HICKS, 16.Louis FENTON, 17.Vince LIA, 18.Ben SIGMUND, 20.Lewis ITALIANO (GK), 21.Roy KRISHNA, 22.Andrew DURANTE, 23.Matthew RIDENTON, 24.Thomas DOYLE

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