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FFA Cup Runs

In each and every knockout cup competition, there is always a handful of clubs that go on a Cup Run, wracking up multiple wins and reaching the latter stages of the competition.  Sometimes a club does it the hard way, having to beat more fancied opposition (see the Honour Roll), and sometimes it's just the luck of the draw that gives a club a relatively easy pathway to the Finals.


But either way, not every club can have a decent Cup Run every year, and so Pursuit of the Cup has created a list of the clubs around Australia that are currently on an FFA Cup Run, and also those that had a decent Cup Run, only to be knocked out in the latter stages.


The tables below list those clubs.


Each State's qualification path is different, but the maximum number of games a club must win to qualify for the FFA Cup proper is seven, and the minimum is three (depending on the seeding and number of teams involved in that State).

2014 FFA Cup Runs

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