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Hakoah Sydney City FC



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Hakoah Sydney City East Football Club is based in Sydney, and was formed in 1939 as Sydney Hakoah by members of Sydney's Jewish community. They played between 1977 and 1986 in the National Soccer League as Eastern Suburbs (1977–1979) and Sydney City (1979–1987).  One of the most successful sides in New South Wales and interstate competitions in the 1960s and early 1970s, and coached by the now retired Bob Szatmari, Hakoah were also one of the main instigators for the establishment of a national league.


A foundation member of the NSL, Sydney City were also its most dominant side in the competition's first decade, winning four titles, including three in a row from 1980–1982, and finishing below third only once.  However despite this level of success, crowds were perennially low, and even though they were one of the sides retained for 1987, after the NSL scrapped the split conference system at the end of 1986, Sydney City withdrew from the NSL one round into the 1987 season.



Since 1988, Hakoah Sydney City have competed in the NSW State League North Conference in the NSW State Leagues. Recently, they have moved up through the New South Wales football ranks and have been promoted rapidly. They are currently in NSW State League One playing as Hakoah Sydney City East. In 2012 they won the double as State League Division Two Premiers and Grand Final Champions under the Hakoah FC banner playing out of Hensley Athletic Field.

Qualification Route


Hakoah Sydney City qualified for the 2014 FFA Cup as one of the seven entrants from New South Wales, defeating Northern Tigers 5-1 in the playoff game.


In reaching the FFA Cup Round of 32, Hakoah defeated Dunbar Rovers 2-0, Sydney University 2-1, Granville Rage 3-1, before losing 2-1 to Blacktown City.  In a second attempt playoff against Northern Tigers, Hakoah won 5-1.


New South Wales' FFA Cup Qualification Pathway



Club Honours


  • 1957 – Ampol Cup Winners

  • 1959 – New South Wales Federation Cup Winners

  • 1961 – New South Wales Federation Cup Winners

  • 1963 – New South Wales Federation Cup Winners

  • 1965 – Australian Cup Winners, New South Wales Federation Cup Winners

  • 1968 – Australian Cup Winners, Ampol Cup Winners

  • 1971 – New South Wales Federation Cup Winners

  • 1973 – Ampol Cup Winners

  • 1977 – NSL Champions

  • 1970s – Australian Club of the Decade

  • 1981 – NSL Champions

  • 1982 – NSL Champions

  • 1983 – NSL Champions

  • 1984 – NSL Premiers (Northern Division)

  • 1985 – NSL Premiers (Northern Division)

  • 1986 – NSL Cup Winners

  • 1980s – Australian Club of the Decade


Notable former players


  • Ray Baartz

  • Murray Barnes

  • Kenny Boden

  • Ernie Campbell

  • Jim Patikas

  • Todd Clarke

  • Trevor Edwards

  • Gerry Gomez

  • Bill Hume

  • Doug Holden

  • John Kosmina

  • Jimmy Mackay

  • Kevin Mullen

  • Eddie Thomson

  • Johnny Watkins

  • Ruben Bakowski

  • Rafi Levi

  • Jerry Haldi

  • Joe Watson

  • Agenor Muniz

  • Danny Walsh

  • Dennis Moddel

  • James Wong


Qualification Highlights







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