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NSW Qualification

Over 100 clubs featured in the 2014 Waratah Cup, including 55 Association clubs battling it out in the first round of football which took place on the 15th and 16th of March.  Men's State League 1 clubs entered at Round 4, along with NPL 2 clubs, with NPL 1 clubs entering at Round 5.


The significance of the Waratah Cup is such that seven of the eight teams who made it to the quarter finals stage qualified for the FFA Cup .


The 2014 Waratah Cup was coordinated along the same principles as it had done in previous seasons.  The winners of the Quarter Final cup stage (4 teams) gained eligibility for entry to the FFA Cup.  The losers of the respective fixtures (4 teams) then played off in a fixture for two spots into the FFA Cup.  The losers of the two playoff matches (2 teams) played off in a further playoff match for the final position that was available for the FFA Cup.


The playoff teams were seeded prior to the Waratah Cup commencing through the pre cup draw procedure.  The match schedule confirmed the FNSW FFA Cup representatives by Thursday 12 June 2014.

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