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'Pursuit of the Cup' Honour Roll

The Pursuit of the Cup Honour Roll recognises clubs who have been drawn against more fancied opponents, and have come out the other end victorious. Each and every one of the clubs on the Honour Roll has been drawn in an FFA Cup Qualifying match against an opponent who is in a higher tier in the football pyramid, but against the odds has won that game and progressed to the following round.


Although their FFA Cup journey may not have taken them all the way to the end, we at Pursuit of the Cup believe it's worth preserving and celebrating the achievements of those grassroots clubs who were punching above their weight. After all, isn't that what a knockout cup competition is all about?


The table below summarises those achievements.  Clubs who have beaten an opponent who is two or more tiers above them are highlighted in yellow.


Please note - if you believe we have missed a result worthy of recognition in the Honour Roll, please send us an email at

2014 Honour Roll

2015 Honour Roll

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