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Weekend Preview by Numbers

14th-16th March, 2014


FFA Cup Qualification is really starting to heat up around Australia, with over 200 of the original 620 competing clubs now eliminated.  This weekend will be the biggest yet, and includes games from Round 1 of the NSW Waratah Cup, Round 3 of Victoria's Dockerty Cup, and various rounds of both Queensland's FQ Cup, and the NNSW State Cup. 


This is how the weekend ahead looks:


  • There are 400 clubs left fighting for 21 spots in the FFA Cup Round of 32 (Tuggeranong United have already been allocated ACT's spot).  By the end of the weekend that number will be down to 309, and the qualification rounds will be 50% complete.


  • A total of 91 FFA Cup Qualification games will be played between Friday and Sunday:

    • - VIC - 32

    • - NSW - 30

    • - NNSW - 22

    • - QLD - 7


  • Of the 91 games to be played, 39 involve two clubs from different tiers of the football pyramid, meaning there are plenty of chances for some Cup upsets (or Cupsets!), and more admissions to the Pursuit of the Cup Honour Roll.

  • The National Premier Leagues (NPL) is now up and running around Australia as football's second tier below the A-League.  In total, there are 87 clubs from the NPL who are competing in FFA Cup Qualification (see table below). 

    • - Of these clubs, 11 have already been eliminated.

    • - Six NPL clubs are involved in four games this weekend (NNSW), including two NPL vs NPL games.

    • - By the end of the weekend a minimum of two more NPL clubs will have been eliminated, and possibly up to four.


From the Honour Roll:


  • Five clubs who have already knocked out higher-tiered opponents (hence admission to the Honour Roll) are involved in games this weekend.  Two have been drawn against each other (both from State League 5) - Parkmore SC vs St Kevins Old Boys SC.


  • The remaining three clubs have once again been drawn against higher-tiered opponents:

    • - St Kilda (State League 4), after knocking out State League 2 side Seaford United in Round 2, will have an even harder task against State League 1 side Diamond Valley United on Friday night.

    • - Melbourne City (State League 4) knocked out Old Melburnians (State League 3) in Round 2, and has been drawn against another State League 3 side in Elwood City in Round 3.

    • - Against the odds in Round 2, Darebin United (State League 4) knocked out Peninsula Strikers (State League 2), and have drawn another difficult tie in Round 3 against State League 2 side Old Scotch.


Good luck to all Honour Roll clubs this weekend!


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