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Who's up for the Cup

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The squad lists are in for the opening four matches of the Westfield FFA Cup. Check them out here.

The wait is over for the highly anticipated knockout competition, with the opening night to comprise of four matches featuring eight Member Federation clubs, including three former National Soccer League (NSL) Champions.

The headline match, which will be broadcast LIVE and exclusively on Fox Sports 3 & 3HD, sees Northern NSW (NNSW) Football National Premier Leagues (NPL) club Broadmeadow Magic entertain former NSL outfit Brisbane Strikers at Magic Park.

The second match features the FFA Cup’s Cinderella Story, Victorian State League South East side South Springvale, up against the other of two entrants from NNSW, South Cardiff.

An all Sydney derby is sure to provide huge intrigue as Sydney Olympic head to Cromer Park to face fellow NPL Men’s 1 side Manly United, while Queensland NPL club Olympic FC are pitted up against former NSL giants Melbourne Knights at Goodwin Park in Brisbane.

As well as broadcasting Broadmeadow Magic’s match against Brisbane Strikers LIVE, Fox Sports, the official broadcast partner of the Westfield FFA Cup, will also provide crosses and single camera highlights of the other three matches. All matches kick-off at 7.30pm.

Westfield FFA Cup – Week 1

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 Broadmeadow Magic v Brisbane Strikers Magic Park, Broadmeadow (NSW) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Tim McGilchrist

TV broadcast: 7.00pm (AEST) Live coverage on FOX Sports 3 & 3HD Radio Broadcast: 1233 ABC Newcastle, online at or on the 1233 ABC Radio App

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #BMMvSTR Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

Broadmeadow Magic squad: 1.Christopher BOWLING (GK), 2.Alexander KANTAROVSKI, 3.Joshua PIDDINGTON, 4.Benjamin HIGGINS, 5.Luke VIRGILI, 6.Daniel CASCIAROLI, 7.Hakan CANLI, 8.Matthew PAUL, 9.Peter HAYNES, 10.Christopher BERLIN, 11.Rhys TIPPETT, 12.Owen LITTLEWOOD, 13.Matthew HOOLE, 14.Jon GRIFFITHS, 15.Paul SICHALWE, 16.Callan LEWIS, 17.Lawrence FOTEFF, 18.Murray FLETCHER, 19.Anthony KONJARSKI, 20.Scott PETTIT, 22.Bradley MACKENZIE (GK), 66.Adam PEARCE (GK)

Brisbane Strikers squad: 1.Michael TURNBULL (GK), 2. Christopher MAHER, 3. Alexander SCHIAVO, 4. David SALIN, 5. Scot COULSON, 6. Daniel PARTRIDGE, 7.Keenan DUIMPIES, 8. Michael ANGUS, 9. Bradley SAVAGE, 10. Kalen FISHER-SMITH, 11. Jonathan RICHTER, 12. Greg KING, 13. Joshua ANDERSON, 14. Joshua MCVEY, 16. Joshua TAYLOR, 17. Jackson HALL, 18. Matthew THURTELL, 19. Jheison MACUACE, 20. Jacob JARRATT (GK), 30. David CHAMBERS (GK)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 South Springvale v South Cardiff Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, Cheltenham (VIC) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Alex Azcurra

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #SSvSC Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

South Springvale squad: 1.Rani DOWISHA (GK), 2.Keiran FITZGERALD, 3.Ricky DIACO, 5.Andrew SKLEDAR, 6.Darragh RYAN, 7.Alexandru FLOREA, 8.Craig METCALFE, 9.Damian IACONIS, 10.Dean PANAGOPOULOS, 11.Ali HAMEED, 14.Courail NASSIM, 15.Thomas BROOKS, 16.Billy DAMIANOS, 17.Konstantinos DASKALAKIS, 18.Sotiros DIMITRAKOPOULOS, 19.Colm O'TOOLE, 20.Anstidis DRAKOS, 21.Jordan GIFKINS (GK), 22.Nicholas KATSAMBOUKAS, 23.Luke BURGESS

South Cardiff squad: 1.Michael STAFFORD (GK), 2.Nathan STEVENS, 3.Cameron HERRING, 4.Mathew GREY, 5.Mathew DARR, 6.Ashley BALCOMBE, 7.Chris GAZZARD, 8.James BYRNES, 9.Lee ASHTON, 10.Mitchell WALLACE, 11.Jarryd JOHNSON, 12.Daniel JOHNSON, 13.Dean KELLEY, 14.Sean CLERKE, 15.Mathew WILESMITH, 16.Thomas PULLIN (GK), 17.Samuel PARKER, 18.Guy WAHLSTEDT, 19.Luke COOK, 20.Nicholas FRIEND

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 Manly United v Sydney Olympic Cromer Park, Cromer (NSW) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Stephen Lucas

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #MANvSO Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

Manly United squad: 1.Dylan MITCHELL (GK), 2.Jimmy OATES, 3.Leigh EGGER, 4.Graeme FORBES, 5.Joshua LAWSON, 6.Joshua WARD, 7.Scott BALDERSON, 8.Daniel GRANT, 9.Chris PAYNE, 10.Brendan CHOLAKIAN, 11.Roberto SPERANZA, 12.Dominic FERGUSON, 15.Rhys WILLIAMS, 19.Daniel SARIC, 20.Tonu LIIBAND (GK), 21.Patrick WEIR, 22.Jack GREEN, 31.Dylan WHITLOCK

Sydney Olympic squad: 1.Paul HENDERSON (GK), 2.Brayden SORGE, 3.Troy DANASKOS, 4.Brendan HOOPER, 5.Bradley TRELOAR, 6.Ryan KEIR, 7.William ANGEL, 8.Christopher GODOY BASCUR, 9.Dimitri HATZIMOURATIS, 10.Harris GAITATZIS, 11.Chris FERLES (GK), 12.Kresmir KARDUM, 14.Peter MARKOVIC, 15.Yianni SPYRAKIS, 18.Taiga SOEDA, 19.Go SHIRAI, 23.Evan KOSTOPOULOS, 33.Christos TOMARAS, 45.Nikolas TSATTALIOS, 111.Nicholas SORRAS (GK)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 Olympic FC v Melbourne Knights Goodwin Park, Yeronga (QLD) Kick-off: 7.30pm local (7:30pm AEST) Referee: Alex King

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #OLYvMK Tickets will be available to purchase at the venue

Olympic FC squad: 1.Brandon CUMINAO (GK), 3.James CUMINAO, 4.Matthew BYRNE, 5.Kazuya ITO, 6.Matthew MUNDY, 7.Daniel CRACK, 8.Tim SMITS, 10.Daniel BYRNE, 11.Reuben WAY, 12.Sanjeev HENNY, 13.Darren GRAY, 14.Terry HUGHES, 15.Mark FISK, 16.Mustafa JAFARI, 17.Luke HOWELL, 18.Jacob MCLEAN, 19.Nicholas EFSTATHIS, 20.Shannon LANCINI (GK), 23.Matthew LUGO (GK), 24.Ryan MESKELL (GK)

Melbourne Knights squad: 1.Christopher MAY (GK), 2.Michael SIMMS, 3.Samuel TORRENS, 4.Milan BATUR, 6.Tomislav USKOK, 7.Daniel VISEVIC, 8.Leo ATHANASIOU, 9.Stipo ANDRIJASEVIC, 10.Marijan CVITKOVIC, 11.Jordan O'DOHERTY, 12.Ivan GRGIC, 13.Antun KOVACIC, 14.Nikola SRBINOVSKI, 15.Anthony DUZEL, 17.Joseph MONEK, 18.Christopher STEFANI, 19.Shayan ALINEJAD, 21.Luke JURIC, 25.Michael O'FARRELL (GK)

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