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EPL trophy influenced FFA Cup design

It's the newest piece of silverware in Australian sport and one every football team across the country would love to get their hands on. So we spoke with the trophy’s designer.

The FFA Cup trophy, which will be presented to the winners of the inaugural tournament on December 16 this year, has the potential to become one of the iconic trophies in Australian sport.

But how did the design come about and how was it made?

As D3 design's Clive Solari explains it drew it's inspirations from the old Australia Cup trophy with a very modern twist.

"We decided to base it on the Australia Cup but put our own new interpretation on it," Solari said.

"We pulled some of the features out of it, added some new ones and cleaned it up a bit so it wasn't quite as ornate. It probably took us about six weeks all up.

"I was a little influenced by the EPL trophy which is really modern and I think is fabulous trophy but we didn’t go quite as far as that by putting crowns and lions all over it.

"If there was any inspiration from big trophies it would be the EPL but not directly, the real influence came from the Australia Cup."

The majority of the trophy was made in China before the parts were sent back to Australia to be assembled by respected Sydney trophy company WJ Sanders.

Solari, whose company also designed the A-League, W-League, NPL Champions silverware, said the trophy is valued at around $25,000.

"It's made from brass, was machined from solid lumps of brass in sections and then silver-solded together," Solari said.

"Then it's gold and silver plated. Its proper 24 Carrot-gold and then sterling silver plate over the top of brass.

"It worked out really well. I'm a massive football fan myself and I knew all about the heritage of the FA Cup.

"It was fabulous to get the job in the first place and we're very pleased with the end result and the feedback has been very positive."

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